39 Life Changing Quotes

39 Life Changing Quotes

Be inspired and motivated by these life changing quotes. We all experience change in our lives may these quotes give you positive words to consider.

  1. “Always remember, to change what you have in life, you must begin by changing what you are.”
    G. Mark Phillips, Just Be It!
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  2. “It is almost impossible to change the opinion of someone you are denigrating. To get someone on side, acknowledge their point of view, and then speak kindly to them.”
    Joshua Reynolds, 300 Nudges
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  3. One little “if” can change everything. One little” if” can change anything.
    Mark Batterson, If
    Quotes about Change
  4. Our life and feelings may regularly be changing like the sky changing to red, blue and white due to weather conditions and seasons variations and that’s a good sign as we realize nothing is quite permanent.
    Pantea Kalhor, Rules of Change For the Better
  5. Let us not hope for mere chance to change our story; let us summon the courage to change it ourselves.
    Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto
  6. Being motivated can help you change your life one step at a time. Brian Cagneey

  7. Motivation is also the general want or need of someone to get something done. Being motivated can help you change your life one step at a time.
    Brian Cagneey, Motivation: The 7 Laws Of Motivation
  8. Sometimes we don’t know until much later that a particular moment in time has changed our life’s direction.
    Bonnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying
  9. Think of one thing that needs changing in your life, and think about ways you can correct it today. Because God is all-knowing, you have to get right with God.
    Carolyn Denise Owens, Timeless Wisdom: Lessons From Our Ancestors
  10. “What’s right for one person isn’t at all right for another. And, it will change and evolve throughout your life.”
    Chelsea Flagg, I’d Rather Wear Pajamas
  11. While it runs contrary to much of modern thinking, generosity has the power to change your life for the better. David Khalil

  12. While it runs contrary to much of modern thinking, generosity has the power to change your life for the better.
    David Khalil, Principle 7: The Power of Giving
  13. When you create a habit through repetition, this is also wired into your brain.
    Sam Owen, Anxiety Free
  14. The ability to gauge people�s true worth, their degree of loyalty and conscientiousness, is one of the most important skills you can possess, helping you avoid the bad hires, partnerships, and relationships that can make your life miserable.
    Robert green, The laws of human nature
  15. Through positive, consistent visualization, your life will change, it will become the life you have always longed for, always dreamed about.
    Louise Stapely, 33 Guided Visualization Scripts to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  16. If you are tired of some part of your life, be glad they it will soon be healed or replaced with something better. Surrender and release those parts of your life that aren’t working, as your thoughts of a better life are coming to pass.
    Doreen Virtue, Healing With The Angels
  17. Almost every playlist tells the same story: music is not only life-changing, but actually life-creating.
    Ted Gioia, A Subversive History of Music
  18. Transforming your life doesn�t mean making huge, dramatic, sweeping overnight changes. All you need to do is do little things differently.
    Jeff Haden, Transform
  19. In modern society, we have lost the understanding of the importance of our emotions.
    A. K Hayes, Say No To Your Ego
  20. The body as a whole is a continuum of processes that range from those that are completely unconscious to those that we are fully conscious and in control of.
    Christine Caldwell phd, Bodyfulness
  21. “You aren’t going to change overnight, but with regular decluttering and turning it into a habit, your life will soon become simpler, easier and you will have more time on your hands for the things you enjoy.”
    Andy C. E. Brown, Declutter And Simplify
  22. “Ask anyone who has lost someone close to them how their life changed after they lost their loved one, and they will tell you that the before and after their grief was so drastically different that they truly felt that they grew from the experience.”
    Valerie Orr, Picking Up the Pieces
  23. “There is no way for me to know your life story or the circumstances surrounding you right now. However, I do know this: other people – just like you and just like me – have faced head-on, the challenges of unwanted change and have not only made it through, but have often come to a place better than where they started.”
    Penny Hunt, Bounce, Don’t
  24. You can never make another person to change an opinion through direct argument. Bill Calhoun

  25. You can never make another person to change an opinion through direct argument.
    Bill Calhoun, Can’t…Can!
    Words of Encouragement
  26. “I suddenly realized that if we are sitting around waiting – maybe even begging and pleading – for our circumstances to change so that we can finally live life the way we really want to live, chances are very good that we will stay stuck waiting forever.”
    Richie Norton; Natalie Richie, The Power of Starting Something Stupid
    Life Lessons
  27. “Finding what your life purpose is doesn’t mean you need to uproot your life and make drastic changes. Changes can be made gradually at the pace that makes you the most comfortable.”
    Simon Foster, What is My Purpose?
  28. If there are things in your life you are not happy with, the best place to start changing it is by changing your thoughts and learning to express gratitude in the smallest of things.
    Lisa Townsend, 30 Days of Thanks
  29. Just reading is not enough to make you happy – you have to take action and change your life.
    Cara Stein, Happiness: 10 Simple Tools To A Happier Life!
  30. To say that retirement is an adjustment is an understatement. Everything changes and your world may spin out of control if you don’t come up with a plan for this new phase of your life.
    Olivia Greenwell, So You’ve Retired
  31. . . . become intentional about personal growth. It will change your life. John C. Maxwell

  32. If you want to reach your goals and fulfill your potential, become intentional about personal growth. It will change your life.
    John C. Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  33. Well, the real reason that that people don’t stop complaining is that it is easier to complain than to accept responsibility for what may be wrong in your life. If you accept responsibility for some of your woes, you may have to take action that changes events in your life.
    Byron Pulsifer, Stop Complaining
  34. Adversity is an opportunity for you to make a decision to change your life for the better. It can make you stronger and wiser. Difficult situations help you appreciate the good times.
    Simon Wright, Adversity To Achievement
  35. The key to changing your life is to change your thoughts. A good gauge of your thoughts is your vocabulary. What words do you most often say?
    John Whitton, DIrty Thirty
  36. You will never be able to make a change in your life or fulfill God’s purpose for your life until you understand that you are wonderfully complex and uniquely designed for God’s glory.
    Rick Warren
    Believe in Yourself
  37. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones.
    T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
    New Beginnings
  38. Life is growth, and growth demands change. Change can be painful yet resisting change is resisting growth. Resisting growth denies you success.
    Virend Singh; Verusha Singh, The Comfort Zone
  39. The essence of life is change, and in this constant state of flux, fresh ideas are created to ensure a strong foundation for a better future. We can learn to expect change, but learning to embrace it can take a lifetime.
    Heidi Catherine Culbertson, Wisdom and Recipes
  40. Life is all about growth and change. It's not static. Bill Burnett

  41. Life is all about growth and change. It’s not static. It’s not about some destination. It’s not about answering the question once and for all and then it’s all done.
    Bill Burnett, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life
  42. Many people resort to coaches, in order to change their life. But they make the mistake of thinking that the answer to their problems comes from the outside, and not from inside themselves.
    Ian Berry, Coaching
  43. There is much about life that demands adaptation, understanding and reaction but a process of continual learning allows you to respond favourably or adapt to on-going change.
    Byron Pulsifer, Continual Learning
  44. Just when you settled into a predictable life, doing those things you had planned to enjoy once your nest was empty; suddenly your life is set to change again. As you become a grandparent, your family is now a grandfamily!
    Angela Bowen, Today’s Grandmother

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