Thoughts on The Value of A Smile – Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Thoughts on The Value of A Smile

Is there value in a smile. Read these thoughts, poems and quotes on smiling. Encouraging and inspiring words of wisdom on smiles!

A Valuable Asset
By Caroline E. Dudley

Did it ever occur to you that one of the most valuable assets in life is a smile – not one prompted by policy and made by the lips alone – but a genuine and sincere kind that shows in the eyes and springs from an honest nature and a healthful mind?

Other people will do much for the girl who smiles when she makes a request than for the one whose manner is a demand. “Jollying” accompanied by a smile frequently accomplishes the end when a command would bring rebellion.

A young women who lets her mind dwell on the good things of life instead of the hard ones is the kind we all need. The stimulation of her presence and the example of her cheerfulness help us to forget our own woes, and the girl who can do this is better for human nature than bottles of tonic.

The Value of a Smile
By E. M. Cox

You ask the value of a smile?
Then go with me a little while.
To cot whereon the sufferer lies,
And ask its value in his eyes.

What does it mean to him who’s ill.
To whom the sad face can but chill.
And cause him to wonder if this life
Is aught but sad – and worthless quite.

He will answer, we well know,
“A smile was what helped heal my woe.”
And with the leave of friend so wise,
The smile remained with him a prize.

The value of a smile you say?
Look at a mother any day,
When childish eyes reflect her own –
And smile – a gem within the home.

And thus we might continue quite
Through almost every stage of life;
Where smiles caused tears to quickly flee,
And in its place delight we see.

A smile is like one drop of rain,
At first we question why it came,
But when the shower falls at last,
We know, and questioning is past.

Simply a smile and nothing more
Is enough to open any door.
And if persisted in will surely claim,
An answering smile and “come again.”

So let us, as we journey on,
Give smiles, laughter, likewise song.
And when their value you would compute,
Be sure the worth we’ll not dispute.

Here’s To The Man
By Harry R. Houston

Here’s to the man who’s hand
Is firm when it grasps your own;
With a grip like steel,
He makes you feel
That you’re not in the world alone.

Here’s to the man who smile
Puts somber clouds to rout;
The smile that is fair
And kind and square
To the man who’s down and out.

By Elizabeth Powell Crump

The value of a smile is incalculable. That may seem an exaggerated statement, but it is not. I do not refer to the silly, perpetual smile of a person who takes nothing seriously. I have in mind the smile in the face of adversity which lessens the misfortune; the smile at a frown or unkind remark which may in that little instant change the whole aspect of things.

Does a smile from mother or any one at home help you through the day? It does me. Every one we meet along the busy road of the day may be harboring some sorrow, some disgrace, some disappointment, and a pleasant glance as we pass may instill in their hearts courage to bear it and overcome it.

Life is given to others to enjoy as much as to you, and why should we blight some one’s day by frowns and disagreeable looks?

Scatter Smiles
By R. R. Ward

Nothing is nobler than with honest heart to scatter around you God’s own pure, sweet, and constant smiles.

Scatter the smiles unstintedly. Gather them from everywhere. Store the mind with them. Fill up the heart. Let the character reflect them. Let life illustrate them.

Smiles, smiles everywhere, and happiness as full as the sunshine.

Inspirational quotes about smiles:
A smile is ever the most bright and beautiful with a tear upon it. What is the dawn without the dew? The tear is rendered by the smile precious above the smile itself. E. C. Dowden

The habit of looking on the best side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year. Johnson

A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market.Lamb

If good people would but make their goodness agreeable, and smile instead of frowning in their virtue, how many would they win to the good cause. Archbishop Usber

You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make earnest effort to confer that peasure on others? You will find half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy. Mrs. L. M. Child

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