Wedding Quotes

Wedding Quotes

A collection of wedding quotes to reflect upon. May they inspire you as the big day approaches. Find the thoughts of many about your wedding and your marriage.

  1. It is a bridge between the past and the future, and an opportunity for reconciliation, forgiveness and new hope – as weddings often are for us all.
    Danielle Steel, The Wedding
  2. At the conclusion of our wedding ceremony, we marched out singing to the hymn “How Firm a Foundation.” Little did we know how relevant some of the lines would be to the arduous and painful work of developing a strong marriage.
    Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage
  3. The roses, lilies, and orchids will be gorgeous. We have everything under control. Your wedding will be perfect.
    Melissa Foster, Promise My Love
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  4. This process of growing together is not automatic. Most couples come into marriage with big expectations. As they leave their wedding through a shower of confetti and meander off into the sunset, they cannot imagine ever not wanting to be together.
    Nicky Lee, The Marriage Book
  5. A wedding, whether it’s a quiet civil ceremony or a pull-out-all-the-stops extravaganza, requires equal parts creativity, planning, diplomacy and nerve.
    Dominique Douglas, Wedding Planning For Dummies
  6. Your wedding day is the one occasion that can bring those closest and dearest to you together to celebrate yours and your partner’s commitment to marriage.
    Charlotte O’Shea, Rock My Wedding
  7. But thinking back on the weddings that we have attended that have felt magical – well, the magic had nothing to do with the napkins and doughnut walls. Guess what did make them special? The drugs. Just kidding. It was the people. The feeling. The love
    Aleisha McCormack, Bridechilla- How To Plan Your Wedding
  8. Traditionally, wedding planning was driven by the bride and the mother of the bride. But now it’s the couple who tends to handle the bulk of the planning and decision-making. Some grooms get so involved in wedding planning that I’ve nicknamed them “brooms.” (Shhhh, don’t tell!)
    Mindy Weiss, The Wedding Book
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  9. ‘Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding will be one of the most important decisions you ever make.’ Seriously? Has the wedding industry really come to this? Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding will not be one of the most important decisions you ever make.
    George Mahood, How Not to Get Married
  10. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning a wedding ought to be the most unforgettable experience of your life. Besides, you will start a brand-new adventure shared with the one you love.
    Lisa Grisham, Wedding Planning Guide
  11. Here is what everyone fails to mention before your wedding: Getting married? It’s huge. It’s bigger than you ever expected or imagined. It’s life-changing. And having done it, I can categorically say that it is not about the cute cake, or the glamorous dress, or the luscious flowers
    Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding
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  12. I hope you’ve taken a few weeks—or at least a few moments—to bask in your newly engaged love bubble before diving headfirst down the rabbit hole of wedding planning.
    Jessica Bishop, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organize.
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  13. Planning a beautiful, meaningful destination wedding on your own is hardly an impossible task. All you need is some inspiration and great organizational skills!
    Shelly Hagen, The Everything Destination Wedding Book
  14. Your wedding is going to be about both you and your partner, so it’s important that you feel like you both are getting what you want out of it.
    Sophie Clark, Wedding Planning
  15. Looking good for your big day doesn’t mean turning into a shadow of your former self who eats nothing and is miserable and weight obsessed in the lead-up to your wedding. It’s about looking and feeling the best you ever have in YOUR body.
    Suzie Crozier, Body Transformations for Brides on a Budget
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  16. I will not remember what my wedding looked like, but I will remember what it felt like.
    Devon Havens, From Engaged Babe to Wedding Planning Boss
  17. The wedding venue is the cornerstone of your dream wedding. Imagination is your only constraint, your wedding can be held literally anywhere; a church, park, farm, vineyard, beach, golf course, ballroom or castle.
    Lili Krushel, Easy and Money-Saving Wedding Planner.
  18. One conclusion is inevitable. Marriage, between a man and woman, is the foundation of all human societies.
    Gary Chapman , Things I wish I knew before I got married
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  19. Marriage is the only game of chance in a town where both players can win or both lose.
    H. Norman Wright, Andrew G. Marshall, Before you say “I do”
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  20. Validating couples seem to be good friends who value the “we-ness” of their marriage over their individual goals and values.
    John Gottman, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail
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  21. Well, I for one do not think that getting married and raising a family is old fashioned, should the right man come along and I felt that I could make a life with him and raise a family I would be extremely content.
    Mave Priestley, Katie’s Marriage Dilemma
  22. These couples trust each other and are trustworthy within the marriage. “I’d never do anything to hurt my husband and he’d never do anything to hurt me,” was a sentiment of many Golden Wives.
    H. Skip Weitzen, Golden Rules
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  23. It has been discussed that leadership and communication are requisite in a marriage. A lack of communication can result in each spouse moving away from God’s purpose for their marriage and from God Himself.
    Dianne Alphonse-Kalloo, Marriage As God Intends
  24. Great faith can make the weakest marriage strong. But what is the desire: To love the other? Or, is the desire to get your way? One cannot have two masters.
    Charity Warren, The Sacred Portal of Marriage
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