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"Being happy, being content all depends upon your outlook on life." Catherine Pulsifer, Happy New Year
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"Sounds cold and callous, but if you remove the relationships from your life that drag you down and damage you, you will be much happier."
Julianne Neilson, Declutter You
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"As you grew, we shared many happy times. As you leave, always take time to laugh every day."
Byron & Catherine Pulsifer, from As You Grew
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"During the day, you can make it a vow to be happy, to exude confidence, and caring or love for your family. After all, it is only for a day."
Byron Pulsifer, Happiness Is A Choice
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"Even in the most successful life, there are always goals and objectives for the future. Therefore, the time to be happy is now - not in the future."
Eric J. Aronson, from Dash
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"We should be happy and grateful for all that we have, even if it's only a little."
Edward Dunedin, Inspirational Quotes And Idioms On Life
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"What helps make your future a brighter one is if you'll make the decision today to choose to be happy and thankful for the present, and just let the future be."
Matt Morris, How To Live In The Present Moment
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"By cheering up someone else, you actually minimize and lighten some of your own burdens. You'll feel a lot better when you share you happiness with someone else."
Catherine Pulsifer
Helping Others   |

"Because children accept everything as good, as there is no malice in them, they are the most likely to be happy."
Elijah Mcleon, New Light, New Life, New You!
Children   |  

"It's hard to be happy when we long for things others have or are."
Rita Chester, Complaining: A Life Free from Complaining
Complaining   |  

"To feel happy, focus on things in your life that will make you feel happy."
Stephen Hall, Emotional Mastery
Focus   |  

"There is always something to be happy about in this world."
Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character
Age and Happiness   |  

"Most people are happy to help a friend who expresses a need if they possible can."
Britney Watkins, The Ultimate Guide To Parenting: How To Raise Children Without Screwing Them Up
Friend   |  

"Two persons do not belong together if they have to take turns being happy or miserable while trying to please each other."
Helen Mayhew, Assert Yourself: How to Stand up for Yourself
Marriage   |  

"A boss is usually happy to listen to ideas that help the workforce to achieve more."
Dane Taylor, Time Management
Achievement   |  

"Don't listen when people call you nuts, or say you're expecting too much or too little out of life. Just do what makes you happy. It's such a simple concept, but so hard to remember sometimes."
Chelsea Flagg, I'd Rather Wear Pajamas
Simplicity   |  

"Mother Teresa believed that the key to a happy life was to 'be happy in the moment' as 'thatís enough'. She insisted that, 'each moment is all we need, not more'."
Scarlett Johnson, 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Timeless Wisdom From The Life Of Mother Teresa
Life   |

"It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy."
Author Unknown
Thanksgiving   |  

"Humans need response from other humans. We feel happy, assured, and comforted when there are other people that listen to us, look at us, respond to us, and are aware of our existence."
Patricia Munsford, How to Discipline a Toddler
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"When you show anyone in the world a picture of a person smiling, they are assumed to be happy."
David S. Walton, Influence: The Influence Blueprint
Smiles Are Sunshine For All   |  

"A healthy body is a happy one."
Beau Norton, Manifesting Abundance
Health   |  

"If you choose what you love to do as your goal, then by achieving success you will definitely be happy."
Nicole Smith, Success: How to Become Successful in Life, Effective Steps to Success
Success   |  

"Some of us actually need permission. We become so inundated with making it through each day, we forget to give ourselves permission to find joy and be happy."
Willow Cross, Getting Over It
Joy   |  

"You have to study yourself, notice what inspires you, and then do what it takes to keep yourself happy and moving forward."
Mike Burns, Juggle: A Quick Start Guide to Building Your Side Business With a Family and a Full-Time Job
Family   |  

"Among the millions of reasons to forget about frowning are to de-stress, to be in a good mood, and to be more attractive. Plus, smiling makes you and the people around you happy."
Anna Everitt, How to Make Friends Anywhere
Stress   |  

"Do what makes you happy. Take some time out. Reward yourself even for the little accomplishments you are accumulating. Think that this time, it is your turn to live your dream and not of someone else's."
Mia Conrad, Self Help: Ultimate Self Help Guide!
Dream   |  

"Allow yourself to feel the success, the sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and above all happiness."
N.C. Garcia, Yesterday Plus
Accomplishment   |  

"To stay happy and fulfilled, goals are needed in all of the major areas of life."
K.C. Rowntree, Smart Goal Setting
Goals   |  

"Take note of your first thoughts. If they aren't happy and positive focus on things that make you happy."
Louise Reed, 5 Ways to a Simpler Life
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"Parents are for the most part eager and happy to talk about what their kids are doing: learning to walk, learning to drive, starting school or a new job, meeting friends."
Denise Logeland, 10 Things Every Family Should Know: Aging With Dignity and Independence
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"For sure, there is always someone who is better than you and there is always a person who is less gifted or privileged than you are. Stop the endless comparisons and be happy with what you have."
K.M. Kassi, Stress Management
Complain Away   |  

"So, if you want to live a fulfilling and happy life, you have to enjoy every moment of it. Living in the moment can improve your life in many ways."
Emily MacLeod, Mindfulness: Mindfulness for Beginners
Live Each Day   |  

"The first and most important step in being happy no matter what, is to stop complaining."
Bob Richardson, Be Happy No Matter What (The Encouraging Word Book 1)
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"When you do something that makes you feel happy, your motivation magnifies and you gain a deep sense of fulfillment from your accomplishments."
Steve Gold, Anthony Robbins' Key Concepts for Success in Life & Business
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"If you truly want to be happy and successful, you must appreciate all the twisting paths, hills, and valleys on the route to success - because success is the route itself!"
Deanna Cosso; Romuald Andrade, Success Cloning: The Ultimate Guide To Copy The Success Secrets Of The Top 1%
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"If you don't love what you do for the sake of the work itself, you will always be chasing shadows and never be truly happy or fulfilled."
Lucas Carlson, Craftsman Founder Manifesto: Startups Are a Craft, Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
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Think about it; how do you feel when you are planning a vacation? You feel excited and happy. Your stress level is diminished, and this also affects your work in a positive way.
John Morgan, 100% Active and Productive (2in1): 50 Great Ways To Defeat Your Laziness And Procrastination And Work Smarter Not Harder
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"You have the power to choose to be happy. Making that deliberate decision each day will change what happens."
Frank Britt
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"Minimalism takes all of that business and frees us from this modern hysteria, allowing us to focus in and disengage. It encourages us to stick with only the essentials: what we really need to be happy."
Esther King, Lifestyle Of Minimalism
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