38 Life and Death Quotes – Inspirational Words of Wisdom

38 Life and Death Quotes

Be encouraged by these life and death quotes. Wisdom from others about living and about dying. Those who have experienced life and death situations find their perspective on life changes.

  1. Funny how it usually takes imminent death or tragedy to think about life in light of eternity, but that’s what got me willing to explore. John Burke, Imagine Heaven
  2. If there is anything in life we can count on occurring without fail, it is physical death. Paul Snyder, Love: In Search of a Reason for Living
  3. Death is a natural part of life. Yoda
  4. It is death that provides life with all its meaning. M. Scott Peck
  5. Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die. Amelia Burr
    Love and Life
  6. Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves. Rabindranath Tagore
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  7. Not only is death inevitable; death is necessary for us to inherit the new life we are to enjoy in Christ. Max Lucado, The Greatest Gift Life
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  8. The Bible is very clear on life and death. Death is not the end but a beginning. Jason A. Ponzio, Devotional Thoughts for Everyday
    New Beginning
  9. We’re all a little afraid of death, we’re afraid because no matter how old you are you’re always making plans and you don’t want to be interrupted. I’m ninety-seven years old, but after everything that’s happened in my life, I feel as if I’ve lived two hundred years – and I wouldn’t mind two hundred more so that I can keep doing what I’ve been doing. Louis Zamperini, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In
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  10. Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead. Hans Christian Andersen

  11. Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead. Hans Christian Andersen
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  12. “Even though we grieve at the loss of our loved ones, we find hope through the resurrection of Jesus and His promise that there is life after death.” Anne Cetas
  13. “If I can find positive things coming from the loss of my wife and daughter, then believe me, you can find the positive side of anything that happens in your life; you just have to work a little harder.” Thomas E. Pierce, The Last Rose
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  14. We don’t have to search high and low for something called The Supernatural Life. It is already flowing through us. The reality of the new creation is this: When a person is born again, the Spirit of Jesus comes and takes up residence inside us. James W. Goll, Living a Supernatural life
  15. “But, rather than be sad, wouldn’t it be a lot better to face our own death knowing that our life had been lived to the fullest and withoutregret? Even though we may not want to face death, it is inevitable just as it is for the setting sun each evening.” Byron Pulsifer
  16. “Jesus’ death on the cross means he’s taken the blame for all the things I do wrong in my life, and God won’t make me pay for my sins.” Mona M. Hanna, The Nature of God
  17. You needn’t die happy when your time comes, but you must die satisfied, for you have lived your life from the beginning to the end. Stephen King
    Live Life
  18. Death is part of life and is sure to make room for the new. Anyone who meets death had the chance to live happily. Ben Friedland, How to age cool
  19. I’m very thankful for our house, our cars, and all of the blessings I have in my life, but I try to always remember that they won’t fit in my casket when it’s time for me to go. Gobel Brockman, Follow Jesus
  20. Many fear talking about it because they have no clue about life after death. They know not where they go after their death. Is it heaven, hell, or some other place? However, fear can not stop death from coming. Vincent KMC, One Book
  21. Spirituality usually helps in relieving the emotional stress, depression, and healing physical and mental sickness, loss and thinking of death. It helps in considering life as a journey where you can learn from good and bad experiences. Lisa Adams, Spirituality – Peace Of Mind
  22. A fact of life we all die. But the positive impact you have on others will be a living legacy. Catherine Pulsifer

  23. “A fact of life we all die. But the positive impact you have on others will be a living legacy.” Catherine Pulsifer
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  24. Old age and death can teach us a great deal, and that being prepared for death also means being prepared for life.Elli H. Radinger, The Wisdom of Old Dogs
  25. Death is not the end of life; it is the beginning of an eternal journey. Debasish Mridha
  26. Life is hard. After all, it kills you. Katharine Hepburn
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  27. “Although all of us face death, not all of us have an expectant hope for the future beyond this life. I believe that is because we just can’t seem to imagine it.” John Burke, Imagine Heaven
  28. “Death can come at any age, but the pride of life fools a person into thinking that day is far away.” John Buttrick, Fighting Temptation
  29. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. George Bernard Shaw
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  30. “Life is a brief intermission, between birth and death, enjoy it.” M.K. Soni
  31. “Death is an ending. Death is a closing. Death is idle words in the ebb and flow of life.” Elizabeth Edwards, My God In Whom I Trust!
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  32. “Once you are facing the end of your life square on, threats and innuendos based upon personal preferences seem so insignificant.” Marty Cauley, Dying to go on Vacation
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  33. “From birth to death, we need people. During our 75 years or so of life, we will need help from other people time and time again.” James Robor, Keys To Massive Breakthrough
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  34. Following Jesus is such a paradox. It requires death and promises life. Daniel Colston

  35. “Following Jesus is such a paradox. It requires death and promises life.” Daniel Colston, Jesus Without Lines
  36. “IMAGINE HEAVEN . . . imagine understanding it! I’ve found that people all over the world will show up to hear someone talk about Heaven. They will read books about Heaven. Whether they would admit it or not, everyone wants to know if there is life after death. After all, the death rate is 100 percent!” Don Piper
  37. “Proverbs 18: 21 tells us that ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue.’ What we say is incredibly powerful.” Val Waldeck, When The Storms Come…you can take it
  38. “When you are young, being older seems like a long way off, but as many of us know, time passes so quickly, we wonder where the years go. The older you get the more real the words of Psalm 103: verses 15 and 16 are. ‘Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone-‘ But as Christians, we have the hope of eternal life. Catherine Pulsifer
  39. When we do talk to our children about Easter, we face an age gap. For adults Easter means life after death and new life now. Carolyn C. Brown, Sharing the Easter Faith with Children
  40. For many people, the notion that pain is a part of life, while a bit of a letdown, can be liberating. There isn’t anything wrong with you; you are just human! Carissa Gustafson PsyD, Reclaim Your Life
  41. “So we cannot be indifferent to the question of whether there is life beyond the grave. If there is life after death, we have grounds for hope; if not, we must be reconciled to our plight of hopelessness and despair. Dinesh D’Souza, Life After Death

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