73 Quotes About Being Successful

70 Quotes About Being Successful

Let these quotes about being successful give you insights into how successful people think and what they do. May these quotes motivate and encourage you in your success!

  1. Yes, most of the successful people I know of grow their minds by listening to great audios when they go to work and go back home. Andrian Teodoro, The Power of Positive Life
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  2. It is the proactive people who become successful. They refuse to simply drift through life merely doing what is required of them. Instead, successful people take the extra mileand do the extra tasks to make their lives more fulfilling and meaningful. Aidin Safavi, Success: Success habits for Beginners
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  3. On the other hand, there are also famous actors, athletes, and people who might just be so lucky as to be famous for the sake of being famous; but one does not have to be famous in order to be successful.Tye Gnass, James Shendal, Steven David, World’s Best 10 Keys To Success
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  4. You will be much more successful, if you are passionate in what you do. Bryon Pulsifer
    Words of Encouragement
  5. When you feel positive, you become more motivated and inspired to go for your dreams and become successful. Gabor Cadman, Confidence
    Positive Quotes
  6. Most ‘successful’ men – as the world evaluates success – do think constructively, positively, in a mental attitude of confidence. Herbert Armstrong, The Seven Laws of Success
    Success Quotes
  7. Truth be told successful people create positive transformations through inspiration and motivation; they are self-driven. Reuben Wanjala, Change Your Thinking Transform Your Life
    Transformation Quotes
  8. If you want to be successful, you need to discover something you are actually passionate about. Joanna Jackson

  9. If you want to be successful, you need to discover something you are actually passionate about. Joanna Jackson, Self Help
    Passion Quotes
  10. Having carefully observed people over many years, I am convinced that the fortunate individuals who achieve the most in life are invariably activated by enthusiasm. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
    Enthusiasm Quotes
  11. Hence, if you want to be successful, the first thing you need to have is a vision of the life you want – a vision of how you want your life to be like. Stefan Sillner, Habits: 10 Powerful Habits For Success
    Vision Quotes
  12. Successful people, whether they’re working for somebody else or working for themselves, do whatever they do to the best of their ability -as if the boss is watching them every minute of every day. Dean Graziosi, Millionaire Success Habits
    Work Quotes
  13. People who are successful always talk about what they want and what they will do to achieve it. People who aren’t talk about circumstances that don’t let them live the life they want. Andrii Sedniev, The Achievement Factory
    Encouraging Quotes
  14. “Disney proved that any successful entrepreneur should have three characteristics: vision, ability to learn from past mistakes and a never give up attitude even under the most trying circumstances.” Prasenjeet Kumar, Celebrating Quiet People
    Giving Up Quotes
  15. Most people forget to keep in mind that almost every successful person has had to start at the very bottom. Instead, people want to reap the rewards without putting in the real work.Ryan Help, Overcoming Insecurity, Jealousy and Anxiety in Relationships
    Motivational Quotes
  16. Successful people have determination, perseverance ... Catherine Pulsifer

  17. Successful people have determination, perseverance and the ability to go over, under, and around obstacles. Catherine Pulsifer
    Determination Quotes
  18. One thing is certain, there are several habits and practices of successful people that can be implemented into anyone’s lives to start the process of starting and positive change. No matter who you are, you can utilize this advantage. Ben Johnson, Grit
    Quotes About Change
  19. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is just one thing we all have in common, and it is the desire and willingness to be successful. Natalie Dawn, Success
    Quotes to Live By
  20. As I read books and listened to famous speakers, I noticed two trends:
    1. Successful people are systematic about their relationships.
    2. Successful people always have mentors (or at least get feedback from people). Tsang Lindsay, Live Free
    Relationship Quotes
  21. We may look at successful people and think ‘that will never be me’. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be disciplined. You can be successful.” Peter Jenner, Self Discipline
    Believe In Yourself Quotes
  22. . . . overcoming fears is a skill that could be learned and is a tool that many successful individuals are using to gain more achievement in their life. Mia Conrad, Self Help
    Fear Quotes
  23. The ability of adapting to change is what will make you successful and give you happiness.Hanif Raah, Positive Thinking
    Cool Quotes
  24. The difference between people who are successful and those who are failures, is that successful people get back up! AJ Winters, The Motivation Switch
    Never Quit Quotes
  25. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful. Eric Thomas

  26. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. Eric Thomas
    Good Day Quotes
  27. You are so fortunate, but what are you giving back to make this world a better place for others? Catherine Pulsifer
    Giving Quotes
  28. The most successful people have one trait in common that has allowed them to succeed where others have failed. And, that common trait is perseverance.Byron Pulsifer, Achieving Goals Quotes
  29. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people, sometimes with less potential and fewer opportunities, often accomplish vastly more than others because they use their time in a better and more effective way. Brian Tracy, Master Your Time, Master Your Life
    Time Quotes
  30. We’re generally raised with the idea: “If you work hard at something, you’ll be successful, and then you can be happy”.But when you think like that, you’ll notice that as soon as you reach a goal, another one will take it’s place.” Martin Nagle, Being Happy …
    Happy Quotes
  31. There are several key elements successful people have in common. It isn’t genius, talent, or luck, although these factors play a role in being successful. Within the mind of every successful person there is a tenacious perseverance and the unbreakable belief that they are going to succeed no matter what. Scott Allan, Do It Scared
    Believe Quotes
  32. The world’s most successful people have always risen above their troubles in life and also outperformed their competitors. Michael Green, The golden rules of JIM ROHN to succeed in business and life
    Life Quotes
  33. God wants us to blossom and flourish in life, fulfilling our destiny and being fruitful. Rob Rufus, Living in the Grace of God
    God Quotes
  34. If management was just about making smart business decisions and being knowledgeable in the industry, many more managers would be successful. However, management is more about people smarts and understanding how to work with, influence, and direct the people who work for you. Terrance Sember, Bad Apples
    Decision Quotes
  35. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to fail. Drew Rozell Ph.D

  36. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to fail. Drew Rozell Ph.D., Let It Go Want By Giving Up and Allowing
    Failure Quotes
  37. It’s been proven time and time again that people with a positive outlook are happier and more successful, and have greater career satisfaction and a better self-image. The reason for this is simple: Your attitude has incredible power to shape your life.Stan Toler, The Power of Your Attitude
    Career Quotes
  38. Successful people, throughout history and today, don’t avoid stupid, they lean into it . . . in a smart way. Richie Norton; Natalie Richie, The Power of Starting Something Stupid
    Smart Quotes

    We must begin with the end in mind in order to be successful and you can’t do that without a plan in place. Tony A. Gaskins Jr., The Road to Destiny: Your New Year’s Resolution
    New Year Quotes

  39. Anybody who’s successful at anything does things they don’t feel like doing. An Olympic athlete exercises when she doesn’t feel like it. A great musician practices his craft, even when he’s tired.Rick Warren
    Sports Quotes
  40. Thousands of successful people did not achieve success on their first try, but they were not discouraged. They picked themselves up and went back at it with an even stronger, single minded tenacity to achieve their goal. Catherine Pulsifer, Accepting Failure
    Goals Quotes
  41. A lot of great entrepreneurs built their businesses with the “good enough” model. They didn’t attach themselves to perfection and if they did they wouldn’t have built businesses at successful as they have. Alex Altman, Time Is Money
    Attitude Quotes
  42. I have been a reader of biographies for many years, and I have yet to find a successful person whose life was free from problems and difficulties.Warren W. Wiersbe, The Bumps Are What You Climb On
    Poems about Life
  43. Successful people know that the only thing you have control over is your own actions and to achieve a goal you need to take massive action. Andrii Sedniev, The Achievement Factory
    Action Quotes
  44. To be really successful – and to have a settled sense of purpose that helps you finish projects – requires a clear understanding of the passion and skills you bring to the needs of your market. Kerry Gene, Finish What You Start
    Purpose Quotes
  45. Successful people always take the future into consideration in everything they do. Eugene C. Onyibo

  46. Successful people always take the future into consideration in everything they do.Eugene C. Onyibo, Working Years will soon be Over
    Future Quotes
  47. Many successful people all over the world credit him (Benjamin Franklin) with providing insightful advice on how to lead a successful and fruitful life. His experience has taught many people the right ways to lead an effective and successful life. Sam Rees, 48 Leadership and Life-Changing Lessons from Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin
  48. I’ve studied successful people for forty years, and though the diversity you find among them is astounding, I’ve found that they are all alike in one way: how they think. John C. Maxwell, How Successful People Think
    Diversity Quotes
  49. Most times, those who are extremely successful, don’t see failure as a loss but as a learning experience. Albert Rogers, Excuses: Stop Making These 50 Excuses!
    Learning Quotes
  50. If we look throughout history at some of the greatest leaders- Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Colonel Sanders, Mark Victor Hansen, Steve Jobs — the most extraordinarily successful people are those who have persisted beyond the norm. Justin Sachs, The Power of Persistence
  51. There is no point living another person’s life, even if you are successful at it, your life will still be unfulfilled because you didn’t follow your course. Jide Adeniba, You Can Have It If You Really Want It
    Encouraging Poems
  52. There is need to unlock the untapped potentials in your mind, if you really want to be highly successful. Greg Adenauer, Abundance
  53. A balanced team; physically and mentally is a successful team. Phil Moody, Management
  54. If your idea solves a problem that hasn’t been solved yet or you find a way to make it better then you are on your way to success. That said, you don’t have to find a brand new solution to be highly successful. Daniel da Silva Lay, From Idea to Launch
  55. Successful people make no effort to control what they cannot change and invest their time and effort on things that they can affect, influence, and control. Angel Greene, Self Help
  56. Successful people always define goals which is clear and concise. While setting a goal it is very important to set a goal which motivates you. Jack Clinton, Keep Calm and Stay Productive
    Motivational Quotes
  57. Successful people don't just rest on their laurels.  Skip Powell

  58. Successful people don’t just rest on their laurels. They continuously make adjustments and improvements in themselves, their craft and their strategies.Skip Powell, Success Habits 101
    Personal Development
  59. You may not have really sat down and thought about it, but successful businesses are successful because they allow the input of staff in the organization of procedures within that workplace. Dane Taylor, Time Management
    Motivational Poems
  60. All successful organizations and businesses need effective leaders. The leadership of effective and well trained leaders is paramount to providing an agreed upon goal for the company’s success. Alex Langer, Effective Leadership
  61. To live a life with joy is more rewarding than a �successful� life without it. Richard Daly, God�s Little Book of Joy
    Joy Quotes
  62. Failures are normal events in your life so never focus on them. If you keep thinking about, it would have a hampering effect not only on your mind but also on your actions, strategies and plans towards a successful life. Kellie Sullivan, Confidence
    Positive Attitude
  63. Many of the most successful people I’ve met or read about had inklings about where they wanted to go in life at an early age, and a lingering desire burned in their hearts even until long after they had reached their goals. Squire Rushnell, When God Winks on New Beginnings
    Inspiring Others Quotes
  64. A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do. Robert B. Cialdini PhD, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  65. The most successful people on the planet have worked very hard for their dreams. If you want to become successful, you must do the same. Richard Smith, Motivation
  66. Most highly successful people take care of themselves. Trevor Poulin

  67. Most highly successful people take care of themselves. They understand the importance of continuous self-improvement. Trevor Poulin, Always Say the Right Thing
    Quote of the Day
  68. In a nutshell, to be successful is to experience an improvement in your circumstances and overall emotional well-being.Rupert Johnson, Build for Success
  69. To be successful and happy you must be a success on three levels. Spiritually, with your health and with your finances. If you are rich but your health is poor you are not a success. If you are spiritually connected and you are healthy, but you are poor, you are not a success. Get one area wrong and your life is completely different.Craig Beck, How to Attract Money
  70. Independence is a trait you should want your child to have. After you provide your child with the discipline, manners, and responsibility to be successful, you want your child to be able to leave your side and reach their goals. J.J. Hartley, Parenting: Parenting Toddlers
  71. Every successful, truly happy person that I have encountered has confirmed their knowing that there simply are no accidents. Wayne Dyer, Real Magic
    Blessed Quotes
  72. Successful people are famous for their brilliant time management skills. Felix Oberman, The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Life and Organize your Mind
    Time Management Quotes
  73. To be truly successful, relegate what needs to be to habit and keep aspiring to higher levels with your cerebral mind. Take advantage of both worlds in your mind and you will achieve the pinnacle of success. Charles Duncan, 5-minute Habits
  74. Successful people know that in order to get where they want to be in life, they must always seek improvement and daily reflection is a way of keeping score. Drew Eubanks, Getting Results
  75. Surround yourself with happy, successful people and you will be a happy, successful person. Julia Broderick, Gratitude Journal For Women
    Gratitude Quotes
  76. There is one truth in life that may strike you as a bit odd. And, that truth is that all people, no matter who they are, have periods in their life where obstacles, problems, or setbacks are present. There isn’t a successful person around who hasn’t been in a deep valley looking up wondering where the steps went to climb. Byron Pulsifer, Ability Refocused
  77. Successful people tend to stay away from negative vibes and this gives their inner confidence a big boost. Elijah Conner, Confidence For You, Yourself And I
    Confidence Quotes

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