32 Happy Birthday Sister In Law

Share these Happy Birthday Sister in Law quotes with your brother's wife. Make her day special by letting her know how special she is to you!

  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday sister in law. We appreciate you, we love you and think you're the best. Catherine Pulsifer

  2. I thank you from the heart
    for all you've done for me
    and I bless the Lord for giving me
    the best sister in law that could be.
    Happy Birthday!
    Author Unknown
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  3. We could not have wished for a better sister in law than you. Thank you for being who you are. And on this special day, we want to say a happy, joyous day to you. Kate Summers

  4. If we did away with the laws, I would still pick you as a sister. Here's to a happy year ahead! Catherine Pulsifer

  5. I sat and tried to write a birthday rhyme
    But soon found it took to much time
    So my dear Sister in Law I just want to say
    Happy Birthday, and I hope you have a good day!
    Catherine Pulsifer
    Good Day

  6. So many don't like their in laws but we lucked out the day you married into our family. And on special days like today, we just want you to know you complete our family in the most positive way. Happy Birthday Byron Pulsifer

  7. Sister in law by chance, friend by choice. May this birthday be a happy one.
  8. Sister in law by chance, friend by choice. May this birthday be a happy one. Author Unknown
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  9. This is a special day, for a very special person. So let's have a special celebration. Hoping all your wishes come true this year. I couldn't have asked for a better Sister in law. Catherine Pulsifer

  10. Only the best sister in laws get promoted to great sister in law. And you have been promoted because you are the greatest. A great birthday to you. Author Unknown

  11. You are awesome, more like a sister than a sister in law. Our birthday wish is one that comes full of gratitude and wishes nothing but happiness for you in the coming year. Robert Rivers

  12. A birthday is a day to celebrate, a day to be happy, and a day to be with family. We hope this birthday is one that you will cherish and will bring warm memories. Theodore W. Higginsworth

  13. Sending you sunshine and rainbows on this the day of your birth. Theodore W. Higginsworth

  14. Wishing you, my sister in law, God's blessing on this birthday. Catherine Pulsifer

  15. There is no better friend than a sister in law and there is no sister in law better than you. Happy Birthday with Love Catherine Pulsifer

  16. My brother made the right decision when he married you. You're a wonderful addition to our family and we wish nothing but sunny days for you in the coming year. A. Lynch

  17. You deserve the best birthday for putting up with my brother. You are a crazy, but great lady my dear sister in law. Catherine Pulsifer

  18. You are a welcomed addition to our family. So on this day we just want to say we appreciate you and everything you do. A great S.I.L. you are. Catherine Pulsifer

  19. May the coming year bring love, laughter, and health. Your birthday is one that we want you to know you are loved, and we love your laughter and pray for your health. Kate Summers

  20. A sister in law like you is not what I had figured. Oh, how lucky I was when my brother married you. Hoping you have a wonderful birthday my sister in law. Kate Summers

  21. Your smile, your laughter, your kindness, and caring ways makes you the best sister in law ever. Hope you have a happy day and all the best for the coming year. Catherine Pulsifer

  22. Even though we are related by marriage, you are like an amazing friend. Wishing you many more birthdays, and happiness too. Catherine Pulsifer

  23. You are the sister I never had.
    For that, I am so glad.
    Happy Birthday to you
    Success in all you do.
    Catherine Pulsifer

  24. Every family should have a woman like you as a sister in law - if they did, they would get a long better. Byron Pulsifer
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  25. On this birthday sister in law, I hope all your dreams come true. You have made our dreams come true by being the great person you are. Happy B'day! Robert Rivers

  26. You have been a mentor and a friend. I thank God for you in my life. Happy Birthday to a dear Sister In Law. A Lynch

  27. A sister I never had, but now I have a sister in law who is the best sister I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you and many happy days in the coming year. A Lynch
    Good Day

  28. Our family has been blessed with a sister in law like you. You are like a sister, you are a great aunt, and a loving daughter all wrapped up in one. We want nothing but the best for you! Happy Birthday. Theodore W. Higginsworth

  29. I smile because you're my sister in law, I laugh because you married
 my brother.
  30. I smile because you're my sister in law, I laugh because you married my brother. Author Unknown

  31. If I didn't have you as a sister in law, I would choose you as a friend. May you have the best of birthdays! Author Unknown

  32. May the happiness and smiles you have brought into our family come back to you in the coming year. Catherine Pulsifer

  33. The years have been good to you my sister in law. I hope I have your energy, your spark, and your enthusiasm when I am your age. You are the best! Kate Summers

  34. Over the years my dear brother made some bad choices. But his pick for a wife was a great one, you are a keeper, a winner! Love you sis in law. Kate Summers

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