Happy Birthday Cuz

Cuz, I hope your birthday celebration meets your expectations and is as awesome as you are. Happy birthday! Byron Pulsifer
Inspirational Quotes

This is your special day; a day never to be repeated.
Dear big cuz. This is your special day; a day never to be repeated. This is good because you're unique. Best Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
Good Day

Oh by gosh and be golly; it's time to wish you a Happy Birthday cousin. Have a fantastic day wishing you so many more.
Byron Pulsifer

Sending the biggest hugs, cuz, to you this day.
Sending all the happiness your way.
Don't let age get you down,
You make me laugh you great big clown.
Happy birthday, Cuz!
Robert Rivers
Birthday Poems

While age is only a number, cousin, may this year's birthday be a reminder of how special you are to me. Happy Birthday and many, many more.
Byron Pulsifer

There is something special about you cousin,
Good thing you are not a dozen.
We have shared smiles and tears
Our age reflects the many years.
And even though our hair has turned gray
I wish you much happiness on this your Birthday!
Theodore W. Higgingsworth
Smile Poem

Cousin, I must say that even though you are growing older, age has been good to you. Keep the years rolling on - upward and onward! Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
Moving Forward

Cousin, no matter the distance nor time that has passed,
I feel that our friendship has been blessed.
A true friend indeed,
May the coming year bring more than you need.
Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
Words of Encouragement

Happy birthday, Cuz! I wish you the best on this your day and I want you to know how much I value you as my dear cousin and friend.
Byron Pulsifer

Some may count their blessings with a raft of possessions but I count my blessings with you as my cousin. Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

Cousin, I can't go many days without thinking of all the fun times we had together those many years ago. Happy Birthday dear cousin, and hope to see you soon.
Byron Pulsifer

I'm eternally grateful for all the great times we share together. Wishing you a wonderful Happy birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

There is only one person that I speak about who is talented, cool, funny, smart and full of wit. This means cousin that it is you. Happy birthday!
Catherine Pulsifer

Happy Birthday to you, my cousin, who epitomizes a childhood that can never be replaced or forgotten. Happy Birthday cuz!
Byron Pulsifer

To all those who celebrate this day with you cousin, I wish that each and everyone appreciates your humor, your infectious laugh and your vitality for life. Happy Birthday and many more!!
Byron Pulsifer

My special wish is that this Birthday will be a blessed day followed by a whole bunch throughout the years. Happy birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

Happy birthday, cousin. May this day be full of joy, memorable times, and great company. Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

I hope all your dreams come true and that your day is filled with fun, frolic and good cheer. Happy birthday!
Kate Summers

A cousin is a person who knows all of your warts and faults yet has a heart filled with love for all those like me that stumble upon the way. Happy birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
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I wish that this day is as special as you are to me. Success and happiness for the coming year. Happy birthday!
Julie Hebert

Sending you, cousin, the biggest bouquet of happiness that I could find.
Sending you, cousin, the biggest bouquet of happiness that I could find. Happy Birthday!
Kate Summers

On this day so many years ago, dear cousin, God cast upon the earth a cousin so true and full of love. May your day and those that follow have all the blessings that you deserve. Happy Birthday!
Theodore W. Higgingsworth

Happy birthday to you, cuz,
from good friends so true,
from old friends and those that are new.
May your blessings multiple
and your happiness swell.
Catherine Pulsifer
Friendship Poems

This is your day - your Birthday. I wish for you, cousin, all the best that life has to offer. Happy Birthday!
Robert Rivers

I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without you dear cousin. I can't help but laugh when I recount all those times that I got you in trouble and you took the blame. Happy birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

I admire you, look up to you and thank God for your true and dear friendship. Your may be my cousin, but you are also a trusted friend who has always been there for me. May all your days be as happy as happy as on this your Birthday.
Theodore W. Higgingsworth

My special wish for you, cousin, is that you may be blessed today, tomorrow and always as the years pass by. Happy Birthday!
Robert Rivers

You have always been encouraging
Thru the years happiness you did bring
So positive and cheerful you are
You're a bright and shining star!
From my heart to your heart,
Success you will find with every start.
Appreciate and love you too
A Happy Birthday is wished for you!
Catherine Pulsifer
Encouraging Poems

We may be related through family, but a stronger relations is through our friendship. That's why I am so proud to be able to call you my cousin. Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer

Cuz, I send my best wishes for a very happy birthday. Your dedication, determination and discipline is an example for us all! Happy Birthday!
Robert Rivers

We don't tell you how much we appreciate you
You're always will to help in all we do
So today we send you warm birthday wishes
And smiles, and happiness and some kisses.
Happy birthday Cuz!
Catherine Pulsifer
Appreciation Poems

Happy birthday to a cousin who's generous, kind, sympathetic, unselfish and a true friend.
Happy birthday to a cousin who's generous, kind, sympathetic, unselfish and a true friend.
Byron Pulsifer

Do you remember the secrets we shared throughout the years?
Do you remember the smiles and the tears?
Do you remember the fun filled days?
Do you remember when our hair was not gray?
The days seem to roll on by
And the years have passed before our eyes
We will not be sad, we will not be blue
We will just keep smilin on this birthday too.
Happy Birthday Cuz!
Byron Pulsifer

You're the best cousin anyone could ask for. The reason is obvious: you are always uplifting when I've felt down; courageous when I wasn't; and, brought joy amidst the turbulence of life. Happy Birthday Cuz!
Byron Pulsifer

A great cousin like you are as rare as a softly, babbling brook in the cold of the winter. You are a treasure. Let the years babble on. Warm wishes and kisses are sent to you, Happy Birthday!
Kate Summers
Funny Poems

Cousin we are joined at the heart, nothing will ever ever break us apart. The lessons of life have taught us well, I will always consider you my pal!! Happy birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
Life Lessons

You, dear cousin, are just like a brother or sister minus the rivalry. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday!
Robert Rivers

There are people in our lives who stand out, who motivated us and encourage us always. You my dear cousin are one of those people. Thank you for being that person in my life. Happy B'day to You!
Theodore W. Higgingsworth

When friends are few through the hills and valleys of life, I've always had you by my side. May the winds of fortune blow your way. Happy Birthday!
Byron Pulsifer
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