30 Happy Birthday Quotes For Friend

Find a Happy Birthday quote for a friend to wish them a happy day on this special occasion. Find inspirational and encouraging words to share with your pal!

  1. May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks.
    May your heart be as light as a song.
    May each day bring you bright happy hours,
    that stay with you all year long.
    Irish Quotes and Saying
    New Day

  2. Don't ever rob a bank. Enjoy life. Have fun. Choose to be happy now; don't wait until you're 'successful,'.... Peter Farrelly

  3. Wishing you a rainbow...for sunlight after showers...for golden happy hours...for luck and laughter too. Author Unknown, A Wish for a Friend
    Friendship Poems

  4. A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy. Abhishek Bachchan

  5. What age is happiest?
    Had you asked me,
    I would have made this plea:
    the Now is best.
    Wilhelmina Stitch, The Happiest Age
    Birthday Poems

  6. Friends like you are rare. Wishing you the best of birthdays. Catherine Pulsifer

  7. Happy Birthday to you, my friend.  You deserve a great day.
  8. Happy Birthday to you, my friend. You deserve a great day. Catherine Pulsifer
    Good Day

  9. Enthusiasm and happiness you bring to others, my friend. May the people surrounding you on this your birthday bring you more. Kate Summers

  10. May God give you many blessings on this day and for the coming year. Catherine Pulsifer

  11. We have gone through the valleys and seen the mountain tops during our friendship. This birthday I wish you only mountain tops for the coming year. Catherine Pulsifer

  12. When we are together I feel like I can just be myself. No matter what I say or do you never judge. You truly are a great friend. Happy Birthday, thanks for being you. Kate Summers
    Thank You

  13. You are a great pal
    I think you are swell
    Born you were today
    May you be happy in every way!
    Catherine Pulsifer

  14. On this special day, I want to thank you for always being there. A true friend you are. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more! Kate Summers
    Happy Birthday Wishes

  15. You listen, you understand, you are fun to be with. So on this birthday may you have lots of fun, hugs, and love from all of us who love you, my dear friend. Kate Summers
    Love and Friendship

  16. My friend, just a number is all that is age. Life is like a book, so keep turning the page. Kate Summers

  17. You are amazing and wonderful and that is what I hope your birthday will be like - amazing and wonderful. Theodore W. Higginsworth

  18. When I am feeling down, you act like a clown.
    You make me smile too when I feel blue.
    This birthday wish is sent to you
    With hopes you find happiness in all you do.
    Catherine Pulsifer

  19. The world keeps changing but you my friend remain true. Happy Birthday
  20. The world keeps changing but you my friend remain true. Happy Birthday Bryon Pulsifer

  21. Your determination and persistence are an inspiration to me. Your perseverance is admirable. But, your friendship is precious. Have a Happy Birthday. Catherine Pulsifer

  22. Date of birth is a funny thing
    When you were younger you use to sing
    My companion, my friend, be happy still
    Living this long is really a thrill!
    Catherine Pulsifer
    Funny Birthday Quotes

  23. A birthday could be considered a new beginning. My friend may the coming year see all your dreams come true. Catherine Pulsifer
    New Beginning

  24. Birthdays come and go, but friends like you make the years happier. Theodore W. Higginsworth
    Quote of The Day

  25. An extra dose of happiness is sent to you this day. Because friends like you make this world brighter I must say! Kate Summers

  26. Oh, my friend, we have seen the years fly by, and as we age may our friendship continue to grow with each year passing. Catherine Pulsifer

  27. My friend, I appreciate you. And on this birthday may only good things come your way. Kate Summers

  28. On this birthday, I send you Oprah Winfrey's quote, "Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance." May every day be one that you do this. Kate Summers

  29. I can't imagine life without you, my friend. Happy Birthday. Catherine Pulsifer

  30. May sunshine and happiness surround you
  31. May sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home... May good fortune be with you and may your guiding light be strong. Rod Stewart, Forever Young

  32. My dear friend, we have been through lots, but you always find a smile. So on this day as you age, I sure hope you are smiling! Byron Pulsifer
    Smile Poem

  33. You have always been an ally
    May the day never come we say goodbye
    As friends like you are rare to find
    Remember you're only as old as in your mind!
    Byron Pulsifer

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