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"Without customers we have no business, no income, no work."
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"Customer Service means finding the best solution for each customer, quickly, correctly, and with a helpful attitude." Renee Evenson, Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service
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"Customer is the most important person in any business. A customer is not just money in the cash register. They are human beings with feelings and deserve to be treated with respect." Prashant Faldu, Customer Service
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"Long-term viability is about understanding what it takes to attract customers by continuing to meet and exceed their physical and psychological needs." Jeff Sauro, Customer Analytics For Dummies
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"Most small business owners would quickly agree that it's easier to lose a customer than to get a new one. It's a lot more expensive, too, if you count not only the cost of replacing that old customer but the business you've lost until you do." Dave Donelson, Customer Service: The Dynamic Manager's Handbook On How To Build Customer Loyalty
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"It starts with respect. If you respect the customer as a human being, and truly honor their right to be treated fairly and honestly, everything else is much easier." Doug Smith
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"Washrooms will always tell if your company cares about its customers." Author Unknown
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"People perform best and deliver the best customer service when they like what they do."
Author Unknown
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"Common sense is of paramount importance in business and customer service." Author Unknown
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Our greatest asset is the customer! 
Treat each customer as if they are the only one! Laurice Leitao
"Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one!" Laurice Leitao
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"Sell practical, tested merchandise at reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings - and they will always come back." L. L. Bean
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"People don't want to communicate with an organization or a computer. They want to talk to a real, live, responsive, responsible person who will listen and help them get satisfaction." Theo Michelson
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"If you get everybody in the company involved in customer service, not only are they 'feeling the customer' but they're also getting a feeling for what's not working." Penny Handscomb
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"If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours." Ray Kroc
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"A focus on flexibility also means less friction in regards to changing customer needs. Resistance to the needs of the customer can result in intangibly damaging waste events in the areas of reputation or service perception." ClydeBank Business; Benjamin Sweeney, Lean Six Sigma: QuickStart Guide
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"If you are not aware of your customer's needs, of the latest developments in your field, you can be sure your competition is. You may find your competition will use their knowledge and find methods and levers that will attract your customer." Catherine Pulsifer
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"Confidence is contagious and so is lack of confidence, and a customer will recognize both." Vince Lombardi
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"But in the changing environment we are in, as a coach it is important to realize that my biggest customer is the people I am coaching." Byron and Catherine Pulsifer
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Statistics show that one happy customer will tell 1 other person about their great experience. An unhappy one will tell 7. Annabelle Stevens, Larissa Stevens, Change Yourself, Change Your World
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And then there is the customer. We all must remember that without the customer we would have no business. There is competition in every business and what may make the difference is how you express your thanks for your customers business. Sending that card, learning your customers names, fixing problems immediately and by rewarding your customers can make them feel special. Catherine Pulsifer
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