Husband Quotes 50 to 68

Husband Quotes 50 to 68

  1. Every single marriage must include complete trust between the husband and wife. Sarah McMillan, Rekindle your Marriage
  2. A husband you have been a friend to the end.
    I love you my dear that should be clear.
    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Catherine Pulsifer, Christmas Messages
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  3. Surprise your Valentine, husband or wife with a hand written message containing these beautiful words. Everyone loves Valentines Day Cards but they can be made really special by adding a Valentines Day quote from Shakespeare. Linda Alchin, Be My Valentine
    Valentines Day Quotes
  4. Being a good husband is like being a stand-up comic. You need 10 years before you can call yourself a beginner. Jerry Seinfeld
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  5. Although you can’t control your husband or wife, you can do your part to make the marriage better. When you approach your relationship difficulties as problems that can be solved, you can show the other person that you are interested in making the marriage work. Sarah Riedel, Marriage: The Unbroken Marriage
  6. Criticism is not a bad thing. It can help you strengthen your marriage, if it is done correctly. But, some wives criticize their partners to have a reason to blame them or to justify their actions. This type of criticism can affect the confidence and trust of your husband towards you. Franchesca May, Marriage
  7. Becoming a good father is not automatic – it takes time and effort. We must be willing to invest in this job – our most important, second to being a husband – as any other career we might pursue. Dr. John C. Maxwell
  8. God is no more pleased with our tithes and offers given to get something in return than a wife is when her husband gives her flowers for some selfish gain. Chaim Bentorah, God’s Love for Us
  9. People who care about their husband or wife do not want to tear them down, but they want to build them up and ensure that they are inspiring their partner to live their life to the fullest. Jennifer N. Smith, Save Marriage
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  10. Our children are not going to be just ‘our children’ they are going to be other people’s husbands and wives and the parents of our grandchildren. Mary Steichen Calderone
  11. A husband is more than a name, it is a partnership built on love and encouragement. Byron Pulsifer
  12. Many husbands grew up seeing the way their parents’ marriage worked (or didn’t), and they try to run their own marriage the sameway. But the world has changed. Karen Gordon, How My Husband Keeps Me Happy
  13. He’s a good man just as he is. He might have room to grow – but then again, so do you. Lisa Jacobson, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband
  14. The most significant thing that a husband can give his wife is honor or value. No other quality, possession, or activity will insure a good marriage. Gil Stieglitz, Becoming a Godly Husband
    Words of Encouragement
  15. A husband and wife reflect the covenant relationship of Jesus Christ and His bride, the Church. Jennifer Smith, Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband
  16. I feel so loved and truly blessed. My best friend,my love. The kindest man who inspires me every day. Happy Anniversary to the best husband and daddy in the world!! EVER! Victoria Beckham
  17. So when a woman tells her husband that she’s upset, he may automatically try to help her with the problem that’s bugging her because that’s how his brain is wired. But she simply wants him to listen and acknowledge how she feels, so she gets more upset when he tries to “help” her. David D. Burns, Feeling Good Together
  18. No duty in my life is more important or more sacred than my role as a husband and father. That is where my true character is most accurately seen, and it is the best single gauge of my overall success or failure as a leader and role model. John MacArthur, Brave Dad
  19. To keep the marriage alive, to remain in love with your spouse it is not enough to just love, you must be loving. John Gray, How to Be a Better Husband

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