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Happy Thoughts Quotes

Knowing your worth will fill you with the confidence you need to take life by the horns!
“Thinking happy thoughts can act as an anchor when the mind is in chaos. “

Philosophers throughout time have pointed us to a truism that still rings true today: “We are ALL about as happy as we make up our minds to be” (or as the ancient Roman Stoic, Seneca famously said; “A man is as unhappy as he has convinced himself he is.”)

And it’s true, isn’t it? We say things like ‘I got out of the wrong side of the bed today… ‘I’m just grumpy this morning’, or another cliched excuse we’ve adopted to excuse ourselves. BUT, if we focus on something GOOD (anything good) in our day, we can turn the tide. Looking for the good, helps us find happiness now. We can literally make up our minds to be happier. How do we do that? The best way I’ve found is to improve your inputs… input happy thoughts while avoiding negative stimuli. There IS a time for examining what’s wrong and being pragmatic, but when you’re feeling a bit down – that’s not the appropriate time. So avoid bad news, do things that are goal-achieving rather than tension-relieving (that endless scrolling of social media posts isn’t going to make you happier). ‘Cleaning up your bedroom’ might not fill you with joy before you get started – but the future you (whom we like and want to look after, right!?) – is going to LOVE you for having done that.

So look for the good. Remember to be grateful for all your blessings (there is always someone worse off than you), get busy with useful goal-achieving tasks, and UP your input of good, positive thoughts – and pretty soon – you’ll have forgotten those petty annoyances and – almost by accident – you’ll feel happy. And when you’re feeling happier – why not ‘pass it forward’ – give a compliment or give someone else a boost?

Here are some awesome Happy Thoughts Quotes to get you started today.

Let these Words of wisdom inspire you to know your worth.

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Top Ten Happy Thoughts Quotes

Happy Thought Quotes To Make You Smile

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    Top Ten Happy Thoughts Quotes

    	When you know your worth, you will be paid accordingly.

  1. Happy thoughts can cure bad hair days — the external ones and the internal ones .
    Andrea Stephens, Happy Thoughts for Bad Hair Days
    Inspirational Quotes
  2. Thinking happy thoughts can act as an anchor when the mind is in chaos.
    Nicola Bowen, Rediscover The Creator Within
  3. The mind is the master of the body; happy thoughts can bring about youthful vigor, while unhappy thoughts attract disease and decay. Fear can kill a patient quicker than any disease.
    Joshua Salvador, Curing the Incurable
    Fear Quotes
  4. Happiness must be cherished and nurtured in order for it to grow over time.
    Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness
  5. People thinking happy thoughts will attract to themselves happy, positive people who are fun to be around.
    Peggy Joy Jenkins, Nurturing Spirituality in Children
    Law of Attraction Quotes
  6. I knew now, that the moment you release all fear and doubt and replace it with happy feelings and affirm it yourself, the Universe has no choice but to deliver it back to you. Believe it or not, it works all the time.
    Kassie Wright, Always, Yes Always, Expect Miracles!
  7. Happiness is a life long quest.
    Francisco Bujan, How To Be Happy
    Short Positive Quotes
  8. Happy thoughts bring happy things
    Nicholas Mag, Positive Thoughts
    Ambition Quotes
  9. Our minds embody us, good, happy thoughts bring good things and build fine lives.
    Dr. Ann Redlak, Life Lessons
    Happy Life
  10. Happy thoughts bring joy into your life. It does not matter in which direction the front door of your house opens, north-south or east-west, but always be aware of the direction of your thoughts.
    Sirshree, Ultimate Purpose Of Success
  11. Happy Thought Quotes To Make You Smile

    Being content is one indication that you know your worth and are in touch with it.

  12. Your continuous positive happy thoughts are what drive you to accomplish anything you want to accomplish.
    Ronnie Jerome Dufeal, Friendship with Thought
  13. Try to remember a good time; return to happy thoughts, for the happy thoughts are what bring us back on track.
    Mary V. Domingo, Finally, It’s My Time!
  14. Happy thoughts can make you feel happy!

    Positive Quotes

  15. If happy thoughts can chase bad smells away, there is no need to take a bath.
    Kyrie Eleison, Refining the Heavens
    Funny Quotes
  16. Happy thoughts can be sunflower seeds that grow tall and bright to bloom bright many additional seeds in its flowers.


  17. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: But a broken spirit drieth the bones.
    Old proverb
  18. Happy thoughts can only go so far before they need the help of happy pills.
    April Timbol Yap, Oh My Gosh!funny
    Funny Quotes About Life
  19. What is important is to find what one can do best (generally, also the line of work most useful to others) and then to do it with all one’s might. Happiness will come unsought.
    Earl Nightingale
    Try Your Best
  20. Good thoughts tend to health, happiness and longevity.


  21. Happiness is a mental condition and tied to one’s inner self; hence, mental training and discipline are required. The more we pursue happiness, the furthest it flees from us.
    Prof. Chandan Singh, How to Win Your Thoughts and Emotions
  22. It is easy to get in the habit of thinking about situations in a bad way instead of thinking happy thoughts.


  23. The happiness in us will make us feel content and the good mood will automatically be generated in us. With good mood, everything we do is happy. Happy thoughts will keep coming into our mind without knowing it.
    Paul Tai, Happy Thoughts
  24. There is only one person who is capable of setting limits to your growth. It is YOU. You are the only person who can transform your life. You alone can influence your happiness and your success.
    Sirshree, The Source: Power Of Happy Thoughts
  25. If you show gratitude for anything in your life right now, you will be amazed at how quickly happy thoughts will flood your mind . A sense of gratitude will help you focus on what you have as opposed to what you do not have .
    Festus George-Sawyerr, The Deepest Form of Relaxation
  26. Thoughts become Attitudes
    Attitudes shape Actions
    Actions become Habits
    Habits form Character
    Character effects Destiny
    It all starts with a thought
    Choose to make it a happy one!
    Andrea Stephens, Happy Thoughts for Bad Hair Days
    Smile Poem
  27. Bright, cheerful and happy thoughts will drive away the diseased conditions—will drive them away, I say. Think bright, cheerful and happy thoughts, and you will find a decided improvement in your mental and physical states.
    William Walker Atkinson, The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson
    Positive Attitude
  28. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.
    Philippians 4:8
  29. Those happy thoughts will become part of whatever you want to do. They will give you the energy to; gradually start doing whatever you choose to do. You will find it easy to do them with these happy feelings in you.
    Ronnie Jerome Dufeal, Friendship with Thought
    Words Of Encouragement
  30. I also believe that strong, pure and happy thoughts will build up the body in vigor and grace. The body is a tool, a tool that responds to thoughts and habits of thought will produce their own effects, good or bad, upon it.
    Ed Taylor, It Was All In My Head
  31. Thinking of praise, gratitude, and worship or dwelling on joyous and happy thoughts will brighten one’s heart and spirit. Think happy thoughts if you want to be happy. A touch too simplistic? Yet it works.
    Darla Weaver, Water My Soul
    Good Vibes
  32. As I learn to understand my feelings and thoughts, I will create them all to be happy thoughts, so my energy of happy thoughts will be manifested in all I do, in all I say.
    Roman Harambura, The Book of Knowledge
  33. Old Proverbs About Happy Thoughts

    Being content is one indication that you know your worth and are in touch with it.

  34. No man is happy in every way.
  35. Happiness consists in the constitution of the habits.
    Self Care
  36. Happiness does not consist in things, but in thoughts.
    Rex A. Booth
  37. He who has no wish to be happier, is the happiest of men.
    W.R. Alger
    Thankful Quotes
  38. The happiness of life consists, like the day, not in single flashes.
    Quotes to Live By
  39. The remembrances of past happiness are the wrinkles of the soul.
    J. Bartlett
  40. If you are acquainted with happiness introduce him to your neighbor.
  41. Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.
    H. Ballou
  42. Much of the happiness of man depends upon intellectual and moral cultivation.
    Moral Quotes
  43. Into the composition of every happiness enters the thought of having deserved it.
    Motivational Quotes About Life
  44. The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music; it is needed to have the instrument in good order.
    H. W. Beecher
  45. Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by thy thoughts.
  46. Evil thoughts are dangerous enemies, and should be repluced; fill the head with good thoughts, that there be no room for bad ones.
    L. C. Judson
  47. More Happy Thoughts

    Friends provide us with happy feelings and assist us in finding ourselves. Ethan Borg, Balanced Whole System Parenting

  48. Friends provide us with happy feelings and assist us in finding ourselves.
    Ethan Borg, Balanced Whole System Parenting
    Finding Yourself
  49. Become familiar with happy feelings in your body, and then you’ll be able to bring on the feel-good when you want to.
    Anjana Sen, What’s Your Superpower?
    Life Lessons
  50. Love, joy, and happy thoughts fill my mind. I am happy!
    Steven Boone, A Heart Traced in Sand
    Love and Life
  51. If we want happiness, then we need happy thoughts, and happy behaviour and happy situation from others.
    International Journal of Indian Psychology, Volume 6
    One line Quotes on life
  52. Choose to change your thoughts and begin to change your life, starting here: Happy thoughts bring me positive outcomes and I like positive outcomes. As I think happy thoughts, I feel happy. I like being happy.
    Yolanda and John Gonsalves, Co-Creating My Life
    Positive Life
  53. Happy thoughts bring happy emotions and unhappy thoughts bring unhappy emotions or suffering.
    Robert L. Crosman, Intuition and the New Age
  54. We all need happy thoughts to get us through the day.
    Michael J. Cale, The Digital Dream
    Inspirational Thoughts
  55. Happy thoughts bring happy things. I am now willing to attract all that I desire. I am safe and secure. I fill my mind with positive thoughts. I am in control of my reactions. I find all solutions within me. I only make healthy choices.
    Tony Newton, ‎Napoleon Hill, The Law of Attraction book series
  56. Good thoughts are happy thoughts, happy thoughts bring balance, and balance implies sufficient moisture.
    Becoming Human Through Music
  57. I am grateful all my happy thoughts bring happy results. I am grateful to be happy and live a joyous life.
    Diana Hutchings, Throne of Heaven

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