67 Stephen Covey Quotes

67 Stephen Covey Quotes

Born: October 24, 1932
Stephen Covey
A collection of Stephen Covey quotes to motivate and encourage you. Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has motivated millions world wide. He is an American author, motivational speaker, and educator.

  1. Live out of your imagination, not your history.Stephen Covey
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  2. The key to life is not accumulation. It�s contribution.Stephen Covey
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  3. What you do has far greater impact than what you say.Stephen Covey
  4. There are three constants in life� change, choice and principles. Stephen Covey

  5. There are three constants in life . . . change, choice and principles. Stephen Covey
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  6. Start small, make a promise and keep it. Then, make larger promises and keep them. Stephen Covey
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  7. You can buy a person’s hands but you can’t buy his heart.Stephen Covey
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  8. Don’t argue for other people’s weaknesses. Don’t argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it- immediately.Stephen Covey
  9. … a family mission statement gives your family a future focus, a sense of hope, a sense of deep meaningful purpose.Stephen Covey
  10. My experience tells me that people instinctively trust those whose personality is founded upon correct principles.Stephen Covey
  11. Primary greatness is on the inside. It’s about character.Stephen Covey
  12. How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one.Stephen Covey
  13. Little kindness and courtesies are so important. Stephen Covey
  14. A humble person is more concerned about what is right than about being right … Stephen Covey
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  15. Happen to things, don’t let things happen to you.Stephen Covey
  16. Each of us guards a gate of change that can be opened only from the inside.Stephen Covey
  17. We GET results based on what we DO, and what we DO depends on how we SEE the world around us.Stephen Covey
  18. Empathy takes time, and efficiency is for things, not people.Stephen Covey
  19. The roots of the problems we face in the world, in our national life, and in our family and personal lives are spiritual.Stephen Covey
  20. Synergy is not only the answer to human conflict; it is also the principle that underlies the creation of every truly new thing in the world.Stephen Covey
  21. In relationships, the little things are the big things. Stephen Covey

  22. In relationships, the little things are the big things.Stephen Covey
  23. Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems.Stephen Covey
  24. Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the mighty result when two or more respectful human beings determine together to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.Stephen Covey
  25. You and I together are far greater than we are alone.Stephen Covey
  26. The greatest thing you can do for your children is love your spouse.Stephen Covey
  27. Synergy is the very essence of the family. Every family member contributes a different flavor to the mix.Stephen Covey
  28. The wonderful thing is that vision is greater than baggage.Stephen Covey
  29. Being influenceable is the key to influencing others.Stephen Covey
  30. Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.Stephen Covey
  31. Most arguments are not really disagreements but are rather little ego battles and misunderstandings.Stephen Covey
  32. To the degree people recognize and live in harmony with such basic principles as fairness, equity, justice, integrity, honesty, and trust, they move toward either survival and stability on the one hand or disintegration and destruction on the other.Stephen Covey
  33. Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.Stephen Covey
  34. To value oneself and, at the same time, subordinate oneself to higher purposes and principles is the paradoxical essence of highest humanity and the foundation of effective leadership.Stephen Covey
  35. Link yourself to your potential, not to your past.Stephen Covey
  36. We may be very busy, we may be very ‘efficient’, but we will also be truly ‘effective’ only when we begin with the end in mind.Stephen Covey
  37. I think the most significant work we’ll do in our whole life, in our whole world is done within the four walls of our home.Stephen Covey
  38. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood.Stephen Covey
  39. To think we’re in control is an illusion. It puts us in the position of trying to manage consequences.Stephen Covey
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  40. It’s become a status symbol in our society – if we’re busy, we’re important; if we’re not busy, we’re almost embarrassed to admit it.Stephen Covey
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  41. Time management is essentially a set of competencies. The idea is that if you can develop certain competencies, you’ll be able to create quality-of-life results.Stephen Covey
  42. It is possible to be busy-very busy-without being very effective.Stephen Covey
  43. Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.Stephen Covey
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  44. We judge ourselves by our intentions. And others by their actions.Stephen Covey
  45. We see the world, not as it is, but as we are – or, as we are conditioned to see it.Stephen Covey
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  46. The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly,correct and learn from it. Stephen Covey
  47. Basing our happiness on our ability to control everything is futile. While we do control our choice of action, we cannot control the consequences of our choices.Stephen Covey
  48. Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply. Stephen Covey

  49. Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply. Stephen Covey
  50. If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm. Stephen Covey
  51. Unless you’re continually improving your skills, you’re quickly becoming irrelevant.Stephen Covey
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  52. More than an evolution, we need a revolution. We need to move beyond time management to life leadership – to a fourth generation based on paradigms that will create quality-of-life results.Stephen Covey
  53. If two people have the same opinion, one is unnecessary.Stephen Covey
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  54. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.Stephen Covey
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  55. The quality of our thoughts determine our actions and our actions develop our habit. Our habit create our character and our character forges our destiny.Stephen Covey
  56. Moral authority comes from following universal and timeless principles like honesty, integrity, treating people with respect. Stephen Covey
  57. A disciplined person follows values stemming from their source — the self.Stephen Covey
  58. If you wish to communicate effectively and to influence others, you would need to understand them first. And understanding can only come from listening.Stephen Covey
  59. Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).Stephen Covey
  60. Don’t get buried in the thick of thin things.Stephen Covey
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  61. If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow.Stephen Covey
  62. We develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and obstacles.Stephen Covey
  63. Setbacks are inevitable; misery is a choice. Stephen Covey

  64. Setbacks are inevitable; misery is a choice.Stephen Covey
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  65. By behaving in ways that build trust with one, you build trust with many.Stephen Covey
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  66. In the Industrial Age, leadership was a position. In the Knowledge Age, leadership is a choice.Stephen Covey
  67. Admission of ignorance is often the first step in our education.Stephen Covey
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  68. When you make a commitment to yourself, do so with the clear understanding that you’re pledging your integrity.Stephen Covey
  69. The more involved you are, the more significant your learning will be.Stephen Covey
  70. The great apparent dichotomy is that the more we give, the more we get.Stephen Covey
  71. Your commitment to achieving what matters most will become the foundation for tremendous accomplishments and contributions. You will become the change you seek to make.Stephen Covey

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