34 Food Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

34 Food Quotes

Let our collection of food quotes inspire your evening meal.

We all love food, we can’t live without it, so let’s celebrate our different cultures and cuisine styles and get to work in the Kitchen!

As we all know food needs to go hand in hand with balance, too much of what we love can be unhealthy in any area of your life but that’s especially true when it comes to food and we have tried to point that out in some of our quotes.

So tuck into our collection of food quotes and if you are hungry for more why not take a look at our Kitchen Quotes.

  1. Everything I know about cooking I've learned though hard work, drive and passion. Gordan Ramsey, Ultimate Home Cooking
    Everything I know about cooking I’ve learned though hard work, drive and passion.
    Gordan Ramsey, Ultimate Home Cooking
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  2. By altering our sleep, food, exercise and social connections, we will shift all the factors governing our metabolism in a way that makes success easy.
    Robb Wolf, Wired To Eat
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  3. Nourishment is obviously important, but finding enjoyment in many foods—even those that should be eaten less often— is what often inspires us to cook.
    Irma S. Rombauer, Joy Of Cooking
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  4. For many of us, it’s not a lack of willpower, but rather that our appetites and food choices are being led astray by ancient, instinctive brain circuits, following the rules of a survival game that no longer exists.
    Stephen J. Guyenet, The Hungry Brain
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  5. Mindful eating is not only being mindful of what you eat, but you can also be mindful of the experience and how it tastes, making food that is your everyday meal even more enjoyable.
    Samai O, Mindfulness In Everyday Life
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  6. Obviously, nothing beats a home-cooked meal prepared with love and attention.
    The Hungry Student One Pot Cookbook
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  7. You’re not lazy and undisciplined. You’re a victim of bad science and worse food.
    Michael Matthews, Thinner Leaner Stronger
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  8. The quality of his family’s life was all about the quality of their food and their time together.
    Rachel Ray, 50 Memories and Meals From A Sweet And Savory Life
    Family Time
  9. Food is precious and celebrated, shared and eaten together as a family round the table. And it never goes to waste …
    Gino D’Acampo, Ginos Healthy Italian For Less
    Family Bonding
  10. We find there is a cleanness and freshness to our food now and we’re more creative with textures and tastes.
    Si King And David Myers, The Hairy Dieters
  11. The appetite should be stimulated in the imagination first, then again after tasting, so take time and care to present the food beautifully.
    Gino D’Acampo, Ginos Veg Italia!
  12. I have always said that chefs eat the best food and the worst in equal measures.
    Gordan Ramsey, Ultimate Fit Food
  13. The food you eat directly affects your ability to stay fit, so the two working together is the secret formula for getting maximum results and maintaining those results long term.
    Tom Kerridge, Lose Weight And Get Fit
  14. The word ‘family’ means something different to us all, especially when it comes to food. Jamie Oliver, Super Food Family Classic
    The word ‘family’ means something different to us all, especially when it comes to food.
    Jamie Oliver, Super Food Family Classic
  15. When I’ve found a new dish or tried out a new technique cooking, I get the same feeling as when I first learnt how to ride a bike.
    Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Kitchen
  16. Mediterranean people have a deep interest in food. They don’t eat to live, they live to eat.
    The Hairy Bikers, The Hairy Bikers Mediterranean adventure
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  17. We’ve turned the act of cooking into something of a sport, but one in which both participants and spectators enjoy the thrill of victory.
    Mario Batali, Big American Cookbook
  18. What yields the most delicious, healthful results is, in fact, the simplest: cooking at home.
    Mario Batali, America Farm To Table
  19. If I can find something that is grown close to where I buy it (and plan on eating it), and it tastes like the smell of the wind on a rainy day in May or July or September, I have found something unique.
    Mario Batali, Molto Gusto
  20. WE LOVE TO EAT. We love to cook. We love the way good food, prepared ourselves, makes us feel inside—whole, if not healthier.
    Thomas Keller, Guy Gourmet
  21. Think about the last time food transported you.
    Anthony Bourdain, A Cooks Tour
  22. The imperative to transform our food system is not just medical moral, or environmental, but economic.
    Dr Mark Hyman, Food Fix
  23. It is our apparent reluctance to recognize the interrelated nature of the problems and therefore the solutions that lies at the heart of our predicament and certainly on our ability to determine the future of food.
    Prince Charles
  24. Food is medicine, but community is medicine too. Mark Hyman, Food.
    Food is medicine, but community is medicine too.
    Mark Hyman, Food.
  25. Make small changes, introduce good habits, prep your own food more and exercise regularly.
    Joe Wicks, Veggie Lean In 15
  26. My motto is: Real Food, Real People, Real Results.
    Christina Anstead And Clara Clark, The Wellness Remodell
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  27. Good food gives you energy, and life is all about energy.
    Joe Wicks, The Fat-loss Plan
  28. Even if you are just lying on the bed throughout the day, your body is working to digest food, keep your senses and brain active and work on demand. In fact, your brain works even while you are sleeping.
    Naomi Hill, How to Have a Good Day
    Personal Development
  29. America. At home, it’s a pace that’s steady but focused, and where the food is always abundant and served family-style.
    Bobby Flay, Fearless Flavours
  30. As our friends and families hover in the kitchen let’s remember they are hungering for more than physical food. I believe the light in a home shines brightest in the kitchen , Let Your Light Shine!
    Mary Jo Montanye, Grandma’s Simple Cookbook
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  31. Make your food tasty and crunchy and crave-worthy and delicious.
    Bobby Flay, Fit
  32. Cooking is creation; a collaboration of the cook, his ingredients, and, for me, a great deal of love.
    Wolfgang Puck, Modern French Cooking For The American Kitchen
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  33. Befriend the butcher in your supermarket. Inspect the food that you buy—touch it, smell it, make sure that it’s good. You would never buy a car without looking under the hood and finding out something about the condition of the engine.
    Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy
  34. Enjoy yourself and have a sense of humor. After all, food is only one part of a meal.
    Alison Cayne, Cooking School

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