Thought for the Day

Christmas Spirit - find answers to what the Xmas spirit looks like

What Is a Friend - written to remind you of your friends and of the type of friend you would like to be.

A Vacation Attitude - about vacations and how we tend to get more done before going on vacation

The Art of Success - written many years ago by Wilferd Peterson, but his wisdom still applies today

Count Those Blessings - to remind you to count those blessings that you may take for granted

Giving is Fun - what you give, you get, are words that this message expresses

Life Is an Experience So -by William Arthur Ward we hope you find inspiring and encouraging to live life to the fullest

Who Am I, Do You Know - we hope you can figure out what this is before you get to the bottom

Weaving Habits - to inspire you to look at the habits you have

How Long Does A Storm Last - the weather is a good analogy to our lives

Pessimist or Optimist - which are you

Profile in Courage - famous words of John F. Kennedy

Kindness Poem -different views on how simple kindness can be if we just take the time

Through The Journey of Life - all of us experience good and bad times during our journey through life

How To Be Cheerful - by William James on how to be cheerful

If All Else Fails - about failure and how we use failure to our advantage.

New Years Achievements - The end of a year brings different memories to different people.

Affection Never Was Wasted - written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My Purpose - words written by Thomas Dekker many years ago

Are You Ready for School - September is a time when we think about preparing our children to get ready to go back to school but, what about ourselves?

Thomas Edison Mistake Quotes - be inspired by Thomas Edison

Sunny Days - about rainy weather and how we can miss out on everyday pleasures if we constantly wait for the sun and other things in our lives.

The Art of Happiness - written many years ago but still holds true today

Colors of the Rainbow - this positive thought will bring new meaning to the colors

A Negative Experience an Opportunity? - can a negative experience actually be an opportunity.

Who Am I - written in the form of a riddle

Success, By Berton Braley - an inspirational thought on one of the keys of success

Be Grateful First - to help direct your emotions towards success

Accept Where You Are Only As - Do you see where you are as a permanent place or as a starting point

Harmony - what is harmony, written by Richard E. Byrd .

Do You Know It All - regarding continuous learning and you.

How To Recognize A Negative Attitude - on how to recognize a negative attitude.

Age and Happiness - the question is does age actually determine your happiness.

Difficulties in Life- we all have them, read the wisdom here

Live Each Day This Way- do you do this each day?

My Excuse For My Excuse - on why we make excuses, how they can limit our potential

Your Guiding Principles - Thomas Jefferson's guiding principles

What We Can Learn From A Dead Battery - a reminder us we need the bad days as well as the good days

Life An Adventure - words to reflect upon

Who Do You Account To- to remind you it is all up to you.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine - we have all heard this saying

Are You A Rock - we're not talking about rock and roll, or rocks on a beach

Job Improvement, How but Why - by asking this one simple question you can improve your job

Thats My Story - who doesn't have a personal story

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained - for many of us, we see a future quite different than what we currently experience

Be Somebody - written and used by the Scout Master at their last court of honor.

What We Believe Becomes Who We Are - who we are, is what we believe

You Will Never Be Sorry - found tucked in a book that I had purchased at an auction.

Treasure Each Day - think about how many hours we spend at work

Motivational Time - your frame of mind determines what your day will be like

Quote of The Year - throughout the year we come across many different quotes

Positive Anything vs. Negative Nothing - examples of how the way you look at things in life will determine how happy you are

Dream Big And Live Life Well - encouragement for you to achieve your dreams

Leaving Your Mark - did you know...

Are You Learning - doesn't matter what you do, the question of learning is critical

Make the Most of Where You Are - Words that we should all reflect upon

Great Minds -Use your mind rather than wishing for things.

Recipe for a Happy New Year - to inspire you have a happy year ahead.

About Believing -Our beliefs determine our world.

Thanksgiving or Thanksliving - to inspire you when you think of thanksgiving and thanksliving.

Meaning of Wealth - wealth means different things to different people.

Persistence not Failure - to encourages you to be persistent and not allow failure to discourage you.

My Daily Creed - a reminder of what is important in life

The Zero Vacation - a different vacation?

You Can Touch Stars - this is a good one to reflect on.

Left Behind - a message to make you think about things that perhaps you once only considered

20 Keys To A Happy Life - Are there certain things we can do to live a happy and satisfying life.

Principles of Humanity - inspirational principles of humanity wirtten by Arthur Dobrin.

Complain Away - to make you smile, but also wise words

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